Henry and I… love him!

Henry and I… love him!

I’m Daisy Faith.

Painter, color lover and striped shirt collector!

I didn’t always own a paint and sip business and sell my paintings. In fact for ten years I  pursued a career in Hollywood as an actor. I made it onto the boob tube a few times and it was AWESOME… until it wasn’t enough anymore.

I wanted to change my life but the problem was I had graduated college well over a decade ago and had never really used my degree in Interior Design or Art professionally. 

I was a thirty-something unemployed former actor with no marketable skills.

And then a lightbulb went off!  What if my lifelong hobby of painting could somehow become a job? I’d always had a dream of being a successful painter but somehow in my weird brain pursuing an acting career in Hollywood seemed more realistic. I was delusional!

So 4 years ago I started working at the local paint and sip studio as a teacher which made me fall in love with teaching others how to get their creative juices flowing. As of now I can proudly say that I’ve been the owner, operator and lead teacher for 2 years now.

Today you can find me creating in my Redondo Beach studio with my cutie red beagle pup and enjoying a cup of hot tea (even on warm day) dreaming of color, stripes and all things beachy.

You wanna know what keeps me going? The thought of bringing a smile to someone’s face every time they walk past one of my colorful paintings hanging in their home or teaching someone how to create their own little smile-maker.

We all deserve to bring a little color into our lives. Life is too short to dream in beige and gray. 

Let’s chase the rainbow!