Celebrating Female Icons!

First off let's talk about inspiration.  Sometimes I can get very insular and can forget that there's a lot of people that are searching for the same inspiration and conversation that I am.  So I started thinking I bet there's a podcast out there that might have some answers for what I'm looking for.  I found some recommendations online and I tried listening to a few and I didn't connect with them immediately... a lot seemed a bit to polished and sales-y.  Then I found one called The Creativity Habit with Daphne Cohn and this one I really liked!  I've already listened to many of the episodes and have really been enjoying them.  Daphne mostly interviews makers and talks about their journey to becoming a successful artist.  This is what I wanted!  How did they do that was the question on my mind.  I've been listening to this quite a bit as I've been creating my new series of paintings called the Be A _________ series.  My idea here was to celebrate iconic women who have had a deep impact on me and others and who stand for good things whether that be being an advocate, being a trailblazer, being a character or being unique.  The message of the series is to be like these women but ultimately to be yourself and celebrate what it means to be you!  I completed a painting last year of Iris Apfel that at the time I didn't know would kick off this project and then in the past couple weeks I've completed Lily Tomlin, Carol Burnett and Betty White.  Be A Lily.  Be A Carol.  Be A Betty.  Be Yourself!  I hope you enjoy the journey of this series.