Day 46 thru 50 of 100 Day Project

I made it to the halfway mark. Yay! Thank you, Day 50. Its been a very fun experience as I reflect on the last 50 days. Yes, a lot of work but I think well worth it. I think the act of creating consistently makes you a lot less precious about your work which ultimately comes back to my life lesson of “letting go.” As a Type A perfectionist type (I’d like to think I’m in recovery but it’s a daily struggle) I’m always learning how to be more loose and free and let go. This week I experimented with a totally different color palette adding blues, oranges and yellow which was a fun change for a slightly different color palette for my boho series. I also painted a schnauzer and a yellow lab because these to iconic dogs are two of the best breeds. I love painting these fun and colorful eclectic pet portraits and, of course, the addition of a flower crown is the cherry on top.

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