How commissions work...

Let's work together! I love making custom works for your home, business or as a gift for someone special. Please fill out COMMISSION REQUEST FORM and let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll get back with you.  I also do LIVE WEDDING PAINTING so if that interests you fill out the same form (above) and we will talk details. See 'Weddings’ page above to view portfolio.

In the meantime here’s how commissions works…

Step 1: Discuss what you want and share photos with me!  We will decide on the size and price.  I will take a 50% deposit.

Step 2: Then I'll get to work!  Usually custom pieces take 4-6 weeks but could go faster based on size and difficulty.


Step 3: I will send you some fun update pics of the progress.

Step 4: I'll ship or deliver your finished piece and take final payment.  You take home your finished piece and hang it on your wall! Enjoy your original art!

here's what people are saying...

"I really love the way it turned out! My daughter was instantly recognizable and the flamingo inner tube came out so amazing! Katie is so into cats and flamingos at the moment, I think she’s going to love this too!  I’ve been really thrilled with this whole process; you really listen to my input and I just can’t wait to hang up this piece in my kitchen!  Cheers and thank you!" --Viera S.

"I've commissioned three pieces from Daisy so far (for gifts) and they've all turned out amazing! The entire process is seamless. I let Daisy know what I wanted as well as the color palette I would like. She sends me updates as the work gets done. And within a few weeks, I receive a beautiful painting. I have been blown away by all three pieces, and the recipients have as well. I love the colors Daisy incorporates and her technique always results in a really great end design. The next piece I order from her will be for myself. Daisy is easy to work with and her work never disappoints!" --David M.


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