Day 2 thru 5 of 100 Day Project

For my 100 Day Project I wanted to give myself some restrictions so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I decided on flowers and animals for my subject matter and I wanted to evoke joy, vibrant color and expressive brushstrokes. I’m also constantly working on “loosening up” in my work and getting more abstract so I’m focusing on not being too tight or too realistic in these pieces. Here’s some pics from day 2-5 of my first week of the project. All paintings are for sale on the Saturday of each week for $100. 100 paintings @ $100. What a deal!! Below are some pics please take a look. To follow along please follow on Instagram and if you’d like to be added to my penpal list to get notifications on when these paintings are For Sale go HERE


8 Paintings for Under $120

After working with Adore Your Walls for a print sale I did in late April I realized that people really want to support original art but sometimes budget is a consideration.  Why not buy a fun, vibrant piece of art from an artist rather than getting a mass-produced piece from TJ Maxx or Target?  This made me think that I wanted to try creating some smaller mini-pieces that would all be priced $120 and under (including shipping within the USA).  Here are the pieces I made and I hope you like them!  All these area available on my SHOP Animals page :)