Day 6 thru 10 of 100 Day Project

I’ve completed my 2nd week of the #100dayproject

It’s been super fun so far but fair warning it is time consuming. I would not attempt this kind of project if you have A LOT of other things going on but for me right now I think it was the right move. I really appreciate the act of painting something everyday and the energy that I’m putting into not only the painting but also the marketing & thoughtfulness. In my opinion this energy that I’m putting out into the universe is coming back at me. I’ve received 3 commissions in the last month and I think that has to do with the energy I’m putting into my painting so definitely worth it! Give it a try if you’re an artist. If you’re an art lover look out for artists that are hashtagging their work #100dayproject #100dayproject2019 #the100dayproject #the100dayproject2019 because you can find some excellent work at affordable prices because these artists are pumping out so many paintings—AND WE ONLY HAVE SO MUCH ROOM IN OUR STUDIOS haha ;) I’m going to post some pics from Day 6-10 below. Don’t forget to follow along daily on Instagram and if you want to receive my weekly emails with the paintings that are available for $100 each that week join my pen pal list HERE


Day 2 thru 5 of 100 Day Project

For my 100 Day Project I wanted to give myself some restrictions so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I decided on flowers and animals for my subject matter and I wanted to evoke joy, vibrant color and expressive brushstrokes. I’m also constantly working on “loosening up” in my work and getting more abstract so I’m focusing on not being too tight or too realistic in these pieces. Here’s some pics from day 2-5 of my first week of the project. All paintings are for sale on the Saturday of each week for $100. 100 paintings @ $100. What a deal!! Below are some pics please take a look. To follow along please follow on Instagram and if you’d like to be added to my penpal list to get notifications on when these paintings are For Sale go HERE


Day 1 of 100 Day Project

Yay! I’ve started my first 100 Day Project. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the 100 D.P. basically you pick a project and make something for 100 days. I’ve decided to paint an original painting every weekday (Monday-Friday). I painted my dog—a beagle mix, Henry, to kick things off… he looks like a fabulous jungle king!

Each painting will be for sale at the end of each week. Every Saturday I’ll be emailing my list of art lovers and sharing the listings of the 5 paintings that will be available on my website for that week. The paintings will all be first come, first serve and you have to be on the list to get notified so please DM me your email address if you’d like to be added (hint, hint).

GET THIS… every painting will be $100 ONLY! So 100 ORIGINAL PAINTINGS FOR $100 EACH. As Joey from Blossom would say… “Whoa!”


I have recently relocated to Wilmington, NC to pursue my dream of being a home owner and enjoying a better quality of life than I could afford in California. All sales will help me get my painting business off the ground in North Carolina and fuel my new life. 


Please follow along with me on this journey as I push my limits creatively here on INSTAGRAM. I’ve NEVER, EVER attempted even 5 paintings in 5 days let alone 100 so any feedback would be much appreciated! And if you’d like to be notified about the paintings For Sale each week then please join my penpal list HERE.